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We want and can help you. Shall we play?

We will simply tell you that we are a team constantly researching the latest trends in Digital Marketing to offer you the most updated service for your needs.

When we start working with you, we are not the agency you have hired to optimize your communication and results. We become part of your team.

Our operations center is located in Rome (Italy). We mainly operate in Spain and Italy, providing international service to a large number of Spanish-speaking countries.

This team is constantly evolving and depending on the project, different professionals join the team to meet the needs of each client.

CEO & Founder

Julio Arrojo

Julio Arrojo (CEO / Founder of Stilo54 Digital Marketing), is at the head of this wonderful adventure that begins in 2021.

An actor by profession, he has been involved in advertising and marketing since he was 19 years old. After completing a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing, he decided to bring together a group of friends and collaborators who are experts in different specialties in the sector.

Certified in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, he assumes most of the tasks of Graphic Design and Audio and Video Editing.

“We’re not going to tell the same story that every company looking to get hired tells. We can only say that we are committed to each project and that we fight tirelessly for satisfactory results. The rest is straw…”

Digital Marketing

Javier Rojas

Digital Marketing Expert. Specialized in Google Ads campaigns for ecommerce and local businesses, especially with Google Shopping and PMax campaigns. In addition, as a Shopify Partner, it develops the creation of online stores in just a few days. His skills in analytical tools such as Google Analytics and email marketing make the strategy always effective and efficient.


Antonio Lopez

Expert in Digital Advertising Traffic. Creation and optimization of advertising strategies for the acquisition, loyalty and qualification of potential customers. Specialized in major social media advertising platforms such as Meta, TikTok, Google/Youtube, Spotify, Taboola and LinkedIn and in digital infoproduct launches with investment management of 20k per launch. Control of 30k monthly investment in traffic for distribution in different international strategies.

Email Marketing

Pablo Fuente

Expert in Email Marketing campaigns. More than 5 years of experience in creating strategies and mailing automation to attract, retain and qualify customers by making the most of your email database. Certified in tools such as Active Campaign, Mailchimp and Mailjet to take your mailing strategy to the next level.


Santi Marino

Our FilmMaker of choice. Colombian based in Barcelona, lover of perfection and attention to detail to the millimeter. Always willing to move around the world traveling as far as the client needs to turn great ideas into reality. Tireless worker and passionate about the growth of brands and dreams thanks to a well-executed video that manages to capture everything a potential customer needs from the brand to decide for it in the most original and attractive way.

We make you believe again in your project and its possibilities with results.

Help us to know you better

Tell us a little about the current situation of your company and what are your goals. Don’t worry, you won’t have to think too hard. We will guide you through a simple questionnaire. We are waiting for you.


We are a team constantly researching the latest trends in Digital Marketing to offer you the most updated service for your needs.


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