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What does a Digital Audit consist of ?

This is a key instance to verify that digital resources and marketing efforts are being leveraged.

To implement a digital marketing and communication plan, we must first know where we stand. The digital audit consists of identifying and analyzing the entire digital presence of a brand, organization or company.

The objective of an audit is to provide a diagnosis of the company’s current situation based on a series of methodological tools. In this way, it is possible to use the findings of the diagnosis to improve the digital strategy or create a new one.

Thus, the digital audit allows to detect errors and opportunities based on a comprehensive analysis of elements such as digital platforms, web design, marketing campaigns and the market situation.

The approach taken by the audit depends on the characteristics of each company: its objectives, needs and resources. In those cases where an advanced digital strategy is already in place, this practice will help to refocus efforts and optimize digital channels. For companies that do not yet have a strong online presence, it will serve as the initial step in developing a good strategic plan.

The effectiveness of audits lies in their integral and methodological perspective.

This is how we do it.

1. Your target audience

Undoubtedly, the website is one of the central nodes of the digital presence of any organization. When auditing the website and blog (if the company has one), several factors are taken into account. For example, design issues related to interface, user experience and usability. In this way, the digital audit allows you to find opportunities to optimize web design and development.

On the other hand, some audits include the analysis of factors that affect search engine optimization (SEO). This involves, for example, investigating the authority of the domain, the quality of the content and whether the design is adaptable for all mobile devices.

Websites and blogs

In addition to the website, social media profiles are an important part of a company’s digital presence.

Social media auditing includes analyzing what content is posted, when, how and for what purposes. In general, the aim is to investigate the content marketing strategies that are implemented and to improve them.

Auditors also take into account the content topics, language and tone used, as well as user participation or engagement.

In many cases, brand identity may not be consistent across all publications or platforms. Therefore, a good diagnosis emphasizes the visual and discursive elements of each digital channel, since they are the ones that affect the perception of the brand.
Another common mistake is to be present on a platform that is not of value to the company’s target audience. In that sense, the audit is useful to rethink the online spaces that the brand should inhabit.

3. Social Networking

This stage corresponds to the organization and arrangement of the elements that will make up each of the pages of the site, that is, the web design. With the client’s participation and according to the brand voice, it is necessary to select the colors to be used; the position of the logo; the favicon; the font for bars, titles, menus and text bodies; the images and videos; the mobile version and for other devices; and the main interactions that the site will have.

4. Advertising campaigns

The digital audit also serves to measure the effectiveness of active ad campaigns based on the KPIs* used. In turn, auditors can spot digital advertising opportunities that the company is not taking advantage of.

The online advertising analysis focuses on:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Display ads
  • Search engine advertising
  • Advertising in social networks
  • Campaigns with influencers
5. Market research

Finally, digital audits involve recognizing competitors, platforms, tools, actors and relevant spaces in the market that the company inhabits. Auditors usually synthesize this information through a data analysis matrix, such as a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) or a “problem tree” of the organization.

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